Forever Starts Now

Forever Starts NowForever Starts Now by Kallysten
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Forever Starts Now is a charming story of a vampire by the name of Matthew who takes on the role of protector for the descendants of the girl he loved but slipped through his fingers when he was sired. Over a century has passed and he finds himself feeling more than he should for his current and all too human charge, Claire. He watches from the shadows as time and time again she returns to a known vampire hangout and watches him with more than just idle curiosity. Eventually he makes himself known and everything spirals out of control. He knew not to break his precious rules about personal contact with those he protected, but he just couldn’t help himself….

I would like to start off by stating that I received this book for free through Net Galley for an honest review. The storyline was quite good but there were occasional missing words that made me have to go back and reread a sentence to be sure of what was being said. Not only this but I found myself wishing that the author had gone into more detail regarding Matthew’s past earlier on instead of dragging it out so much as, personally, I felt it detracted from the empathy the reader should have had for him from the beginning. Instead, at first, I rather disliked the character as he came across as a stalker. That being said, once I delved further into the plot and his character became more defined, I was better able to understand the motives behind the man. It was definitely worth reading through to the very end. Did I enjoy it? Most definitely. Would I recommend it? Of course. This was a touching novel full of smoldering passion – perfect for the romantic in all of us.

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