The Sorcerer’s Daughter

The Sorcerer’s Daughter (The Defenders of Shannara, #3)The Sorcerer’s Daughter by Terry Brooks
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Sorcerer’s Daughter is an epic fantasy adventure and is the third book in the Defenders of Shannara series. The main characters we see in this novel are Leofur and Paxon. While the two are life partners, they end up going on separate adventures in this tale. Paxon, as the Ard Rhys’ Blade, must accompany him and the other druid delegates to peace talks with the Federation. While there, complete bedlam ensues and he and the druids soon find themselves on the run. Meanwhile, Paxon’s sister is kidnapped and Leofur takes off in hot pursuit of the kidnappers with a uniquely gifted tracker in tow. As she searches high and low, she comes to some difficult conclusions pertaining to her life in Paranor. Both find themselves dragged through the ringer either directly or indirectly due to the machinations of Leofur’s father, the evil sorcerer Arcannen Rai. With danger lurking around every turn and dark magic shadowing them both, will Paxon and Leofur ever make it back to Paranor in one piece?

I would first like to state that I recieved this free through NetGalley for an honest review. That being said, I found this a good addition to the Shannara books. It is an action-packed standalone full of magic, mayhem, and even love in the most unexpected of places. The characters are rich with detail; the plot is full of crazy twists and turns. Not to mention, the foreshadowing was excellent. While I didn’t like this quite as well as some of the earlier Shannara works, this is a wonderful story in its own right. My only complaint being that it was just a little bit of a slow starter. Fans of fantasy adventure books will swoon with delight over this tale as they should with any of the previous Shannara stories. This is not a book to be missed.

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