Flight Patterns

Flight PatternsFlight Patterns by Karen White
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Flight Patterns is a wonderful mystery/suspense novel spanning the years of the German occupation in France to the present-day United States. The main character, Georgia, is hired to appraise a unique set of china for an estate sale. The only other time she had seen its equal was years before in her mother’s closet. The search for answers leads her to the one place she most wants to avoid – home. In the end, she and her family need to put the past behind them in order to forge a brighter future. But when more than just china is on the line, will they fall back on old habits?

I would first like to state that I received this free from a Goodreads giveaway. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed this story. This novel is an emotional rollercoaster ride, covering the aftermath of World War II and delving into the mysterious world of mental illness. The characters are well developed and painfully human. The plot was suspenseful and intense. This was a haunting story of the lengths people can and will go to for love. It is both a tale of loss and redemption. This is not a story to be missed.

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