The Last Stop

The Last StopThe Last Stop by Michael H Burnam
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Last Stop is a sci-fi adventure novel geared toward young adults. The two main protagonists of the story are off on a camping trip when one stumbles upon a mysterious suit that seemingly grants him superpowers. As he becomes more accustomed to it, more functions and possibilities are revealed. Soon, the friends find themselves inside a flying saucer and whisked through space, not once but twice. The aliens behind the technology have a story to tell and a request to make of our young heroes and their companions. But in the end, are the beings asking for more than they are willing to give…?

I would first like to state that I received this through NetGalley for an honest review. I found this coming of age tale to be enjoyable and full of adventure, all seen through the eyes of youth. The pace was steady, the plot poignant and engaging – though a bit fantastical, and the characters likeable. Through the tale we get to see them grow and mature through their experiences. This was a fun read, and I would definitely recommend.

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